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About Equipment Leasing & Equipment Financing

Trident Fund 1, LLC.. provides a broad range of cost effective and flexible equipment loans and equipment financing programs for the purchase of new or used industrial, business, or manufacturing equipment. Our focus is on providing your business with the ongoing support of a team of equipment financing and equipment loan professionals that can tailor solutions to meet your business needs today and in the future.

We understand that long term business success is built on relationships and our team strives each day to provide our clients with the highest levels of information, expertise, and services. Our goal has always been to help customers get access to the capital and financial expertise they need and to help develop a partnership that will be there for them now and in the future.

Some of the Industries We Finance

Technology Financing

Technology Financing

Healthcare Financing

Transportation Financing

Transportation Loans

Manufacturing Loans

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Restaurants & Hospitality Financing

Excavator Financing

Construction Loans

Learning the Equipment Financing & Equipment Leasing Process

We know that your time is important. Our equipment leasing and equipment financing process is designed to help us quickly respond to your equipment leasing needs and provide the best possible opportunity for an approval of the perfect program for your business. Our customer service teams are here to make your experience with us as easy as possible. If you have any questions about our process please contact us at 1-855-305-8900.

  1. Our Equipment Financing Consultants will discuss your needs and work with you to design an equipment leasing program or equipment financing program that meets your requirements.
  2. Take a few minutes to complete an application online or fax back the printed version to us.
  3. Once we receive the application, we will update the bank and trade information. Our financial team will then review the application to help get the monthly payment that you desire.
  4. After the Initial application review We will send out the documents for the lease and a list of items that we will need from you in order to complete the lease transaction.
  5. Once we have the information completed, we will submit your final documents and release funds to the vendor or yourself!

We can help create a lease financing program that works for your business, Please contact us at 1-855-305-8900 or complete our Quote Request Form.

Available Equipment Loan & Equipment Leasing Programs

Equipment Leasing programs should be tailored to match the needs of the company. Trident Fund 1, LLC is a full service equipment lessor that can provide a broad range of cost effective and flexible lease programs for its customers. The following customized programs are available to fit your needs.

EXPRESS LEASE & LOAN Application only program up to $150,000

  • No Financial Disclosure
  • 24hr Credit Approval
  • Completed Signed Lease Application required
  • Application-only $250,000 for heavy collateral (Comparable Credit Req.)

FLEXIBLE LEASE & LOAN Financing on new or used equipment.

This covers soft costs such as installation, freight, and taxes. Also includes specially structured lease plans to accommodate our customers cash flow needs.

  • Lease plans for Start-Up companies
  • FMV, 10% Purchase Option, $1 B/Out Option
  • Trac-Lease for Commercial Vehicles
  • Deferred payment plans
  • Seasonal, Step & Skip payment plans

COMMERCIAL LOAN & LEASE (Full financial disclosure)

  • Fixed rates as low at the current prime interest rate
  • Lines of credit available up to $5,000,000.
  • 3-4 Day Credit approval with complete financial package

We can help create a lease program that works for your business Please contact us at 1-855-305-8900. Or Complete our Equipment Leasing Quote Request Form.

Lease Structures

Operating Lease

The most classic equipment leasing option available, an operating lease (or true lease) structures the lease agreement to provide 100% tax deductibility on lease payments as a capital expense. The leased equipment is classified as a rental, allowing the lessee to transfer obligation of the equipment to the lessor at the end of the term.

Capital Lease

The optimal choice for long-term equipment plans and intended eventual ownership, a capital lease (similar to a finance lease) classifies equipment as being owned by the lessee, allowing the lessee to claim tax deductions on the equipment depreciation. A capital lease usually provides a more attractive purchase incentive at the end of the lease term.

Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) or Equipment Loan Program

A method of equipment financing with fixed payments for a predetermined number of months, where the borrower owns the equipment and the lender merely retains a security interest through the transaction. Between the borrower and an equipment lessor, this sort of agreement is used as a method of refinancing equipment after the lessee has already received and paid for the equipment, but prefers to spread the expensed capital over a payment term. Both the depreciated value of the equipment and the interest on finance payments are tax deductible to the borrower. The equipment finance agreement is an equipment loan.

Most Common “End of Lease” Options

$1.00 BUY OUT

Also known as a capital lease and finance lease, $1.00 buy out is the closest option to straight bank financing. The lessee fulfills payment requirements for the duration of the lease, and once final payment is made along with $1.00, he/she becomes owner of the equipment.
Additionally, equipment must be shown as an asset and depreciated. It is not recommended that the equipment be written off as a rental expense. This simple option requires no further obligation, but one might keep in mind the monthly payments are slightly higher than an operating lease.


Also known as an operating lease, this option may be tax deductible under IRS guidelines and payments can be written off. The equipment can be purchased at the end of the lease for its current fair market value (an estimated 10%) or the lessee can return the equipment with no further obligations.


Also considered a combination of the capital and operating leases, this option can be 10%, 15%, or 20%. The lessee has the option to pay a predetermined percent of the original equipment cost at the end of the lease, or walk away. By leaving a residual at the end of the lease, the monthly payments are lowered. Tax benefits can also be taken advantage of.

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