Information about Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania enjoys a thriving economic community primarily centered in the major cities Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and in its agricultural regions. Pennsylvania is home to 50 Fortune 500 companies and is a leader in the financial and insurance industries. Pennsylvania grows more mushrooms than any other state. Companies such as U.S. Steel, H.J. Heinz and Dunder Mifflin are headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Primary industries for Pennsylvania include manufacturing of metal products, plastics, paper products, food products, transportation equipment and chemicals, coal mining, financial services, tourism, and government. Primary agricultural outputs for the state include mushrooms, sod, corn, grapes, poultry, cattle and dairy. Pennsylvania also ranks fourth in production of horses.

Information about: Philadelphia

County Seat: Philadelphia
Etymology: Brotherly love from Greek philos (“love”) and adelphos (“brother”)
Formed From: One of the original counties at the formation of Pennsylvania. The city and county of Philadelphia were combined in 1854 and city and county offices merged in 1952.
Date Founded: 1682

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