New Mexico has developed a widely diverse economy, focusing on industries ranging from livestock and mining to high-technology and aeronautics, film and government institutions. The federal government employs more than a quarter of the state’s citizens. Virgin has chosen New Mexico as the home base for Virgin Galactic, the first space tourism company, sending the first regular citizens to space in 2009. The state has three air force bases, a testing range, research and technical labs and other military installations.

Primary industries for New Mexico include mining of uranium, manganese, potash, salt, copper and tin, high-tech industries, electrical equipment, printing and publishing, stone, glass and clay products, and defense related industries. A growing film industry is enjoying several new facilities, as well as new bases for major moguls such as Sony Imageworks. Chief agricultural outputs include hay, pecans, chile peppers, piñon nuts and pinto beans, with cattle and sheep composing primary livestock.

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